Earning Reputation on Unsolved

By Ishwar Sundararaman · 11 Nov 20


Here is your quick guide to earning Reputation on Unsolved. 


Reputation is a function of 3 things

1. Updating your profile 

2. Your initial activity

3. What other founders think of your ongoing activity


Reputation Points and How it works

1 point - on any signup for adding your email

2 point - each for Linkedin Profile, image, about

2 point - each for Institutions, Industry & Area of Expertise

1 point for every contribution (discussion / comment). Max 10 points can be earned this way

1 point for every person who thought your comment or discussion was insightful. No limits to earning reputation this way

5 points for every Endorsement left by a founder

15 points for every Testimonial left by a founder (testimonial feature is not live yet)

100 bonus points - And  blue tick if you are a Verified Advisor

50 bonus points - and a yellow tick if you are a Verified Expert


P.S - Any effort to game the reputation could lead to account suspension


Reputation is our democratic way to say that anyone can network with anyone else as long as you focus on adding value to the network.