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100% Online, 0% Equity

Step by Step guides

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How to Start a Startup

Learn how to start an online business with no money, no co-founder and from home with our online virtual startup incubator program.

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    Learn From The Best

    How the best founders think about problems, solutions and opportunities

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    Complete To-Dos

    The Unsolved Mentor Bot gives you a daily To-Dos with content and tools that help you complete them.

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    Join Founder Networks

    Join founder networks specific to your industry & playbook. Learn, Share, Discuss, Solve

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    Attend Workshops

    Attend 2-3 hour outcome focused workshop that help you make unbelievable progress

Can't Code. No Co-Founder. No Funding

No Problem! Let's Start Up

Helping Founders Succeed

We make starting an online business easy by leveraging the collective wisdom of all founders

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Validate Ideas

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Build MVP's

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Find Collaborators

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Acquire Customers

We help with your first

Product . Team . Customer . Cheque

Let's Do This

Metrics That Matter

Startup Success Score

Every startup starts with a success score of 1%, which increases when the founder completes To-Dos, submits updates & community validation.

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Founder Reputation

Ever Founder with a reputation score of 1, which increases as they help solve challenges, refer customers and help other startups succeed.

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The Startup Incubator the world needs

100% online, 0% equity, Step-by-step guidance

Let's Startup Now

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  • Learn how the best founders think
  • Build reputation
  • Join brainstorming sessions
  • Invite to online startup events


Rs. 416/month
(payable at Rs. 4999/- annually)

  • Add Unlimited Ideas
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Join Founder Networks
  • Free Workshops


2% Equity

  • Founder Success Manager
  • Rotary Advisory Board*
  • Pitch Deck & Application reviews
  • Investor Connects


Founders and Advisors








What do you know. It really works

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"I shared a raw startup idea on Unsolved in April. By June I had my first customer and my first VC call"

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"I look forward to advising startups on Unsolved. I just wish Unsolved was around when I was first starting up"

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Date Night

"I found an interesting startup idea & offered to work on it. We raised an angel round of 10 lacs. All on Unsolved"

The Unsolved Community

We have the best thinkers in the startup world here on Unsolved

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